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Thai Ocean Industries Co., Ltd.

( Umbrella & Tent Specialist )


Thai Ocean Industries Co., Ltd. a leading Asian umbrella manufacturing corporation, produces all kind of Umbrellas and tents,
its well know trademark “LEO Umbrella” (LEO Umbrella Brand) was founded in 1974 by Mr.Sukit Watanaponprom and Mrs.Ratana Chinbutranont.

The factory is one of the pioneers in the Thai umbrella field who had employed advance technologies from drivers overseas production houses to absorb in its state of the art designs and in the development and manufacturing of the variety of Umbrella, Paraslos and Tent.  Over the years, Thai Ocean Industries Co., Ltd., has developed a great deal, and with this expansion the factory has been re-located to Thailand ‘s Samutprakarn Industrial Zone, located at Bangplee City.

Our leading products include to date, all kinds of sun/rain umbrellas, Parasols, Giant Umbrellas , Supper Giant Umbrellas including advertisement umbrellas (Made to Order) , and folding tents.

The trade mark “LEO Umbrella” is coerced target to develop long-term business relationships in the umbrella market, and we are determined to the see the long growth of “LEO” Brand as a major player in the umbrella world market. Our spirit is to build our quality products according to various needs of the market and clients choice. While we actively race for developing oversea market, we had been achieved membership in DEP and our brand LEO Umbrella managed to get the prestigious Prime Minister ‘s Export Award in the year 2006 among the competitive Thailand Brand names in the domestic export market.

In Thailand, we claim the ability to providing top class services by providing trusted top quality umbrellas. We sincerely invite all umbrella enthusiasts to come experience our client-orientated, innovative atmosphere at our factory. We guarantee best results in term of quality in every touch of  our products. Not only for fashion, but also for private use in home gardens and for the all designed commercial purposes, such as in café shops and open markets, we are proud to say that our brand LEO Umbrella will bring you the most pleasant and enjoyable environment in all circumstances.


company profile english